Social Media, And Internet Safety For Kids

The best way to reinforce the importance of online safety with kids is to ensure that sound online practices are in place early in the home. Any child can be vulnerable to online threats. But your child may express an interest to use social media like Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, these social media outlets are not child-friendly, and could expose your child to information of an adult nature, which can be disturbing and even place your child in danger of being contacted online by predators.

There are actually several alternatives to Facebook and Twitter which are geared to children of specific ages. Giant Hello offers much in the way of fun for kids of all ages, and was created both by concerned adults and children themselves. Preteens who wish to become a member of a social network may enjoy Kidzrocket, which offers safety and education about secure internet habits. Whyville offers internet safety for kids as well as many activities which can teach them social responsibility. And supervised chat rooms, as well as kid-oriented content is what members of Kidzworld enjoy. The site prevents any personally-identifiable information fromĀ  being shared, a big relief to the parents of Kidzworld users.

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