Should You Download Free Anti Virus Software, Or Pay For Protection?

Millions of computer users have some kind of antivirus program installed on their computers. It’s true that these days, having a protection program is a basic recommendation for anyone who uses the internet. But if you’re thinking about paying for your software, you may be wondering what more it can offer you. There are many free programs out there which include plenty of features at no extra cost. But are the features you can get with paid software any better? A yes or no answer can’t be given for every computer user, as this is something you will have to decide on your own.

The features you wish to have with your protection program will depend on what you want that program to do for you. So if you use email a lot, you may want a program that offers email scanning or that warns you when you’ve downloaded a message that looks suspicious. Whether or not you are willing to pay for this or look for free anti virus software that offers this feature will depend on how much having the feature is worth to you, as well as whether or not the cost is in line with your budget.

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