Privacy Of Communication Via Internet Providers May Have Been Breached By NSA-Silicon Valley Team

Are there teams in Silicon Valley dedicated to providing the NSA with information? According to one author at the New York Times, yes. While the recent news about customer privacy breaches has only named the NSA as the culprit, it’s been claimed that Silicon Valley and the NSA were dealing more closely than anyone ever expected, at times establishing secret teams which made customer data more NSA-accessible. The source of this information? As-yet-unnamed officials in the industry. So far, one company has been identified as having formed one of these teams: Skype.

This comes as unsettling news to many consumers, who have been told by several companies that any data they keep is not passed onto the NSA. Yet, Skype apparently developed a small team to concentrate on the legalities and technical issues associated with making Skype calls available to both the NSA and other law enforcement authorities. Could this mean our internet providers could be passing along our information as well? It could very well be so, considering that voice call and other companies are involved in the handing over of information to the NSA. Some against the spying say that the only possible way to stop this intrusion on the privacy of internet users is to question everything regarding this latest NSA revelation.

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