Different Dietary Needs Distinguish Best Diets For Women From Men’s Plans

Women and men have vastly different dietary needs. And there are risks associated with not ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs. For example, a woman’s body may react negatively to a diet that’s low in carbs but high in protein, as too much protein can result in a loss of calcium and less bone density. For women, a high protein diet can also result in issues with the liver and kidneys in the long run if the body is not efficiently processing the protein it receives. The best way to determine which diet plan may work best is to consult your physician as well as a dietician.

Plant-based foods like beans, kale and broccoli are all foods which can provide the calcium needed by the body for strong bones and are a part of the best diets for women. Vitamin D is also a large contributor to bone strength, and can be taken as either a liquid supplement or via foods like eggs, salmon and tuna. Too much caffeine consumption can result in a loss of calcium as well, as caffeine is a diuretic which slowly leaks the calcium from bones. Soda can do the same thing, as the carbonated liquid can also deplete calcium stores.

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